Brownstone's integrated Telemarketing System (BITS) is a revolutionary, locally installed cloud-based call centre solution, providing total management and control over a fully automated and integrated call centre environment. Bits Allows Call centre agents to work from any where in the world, whilst providing full control required by manages as, if the agents were located in the same room. More info...


Brownstone's FEDS database is an audited database containing current and historical information. This information ranges from demographic data to geographic data to derived variables. FEDS allows clients to enhance their existing database with information they cannot otherwise access. More info...


TARGET allows clients to deliver relevant marketing and advertising communications to specific targeted prospects. TARGET has the ability to assist companies in reaching up to 12 million uniquely segmented South Africans. The channels available are SMS, MMS, email and AVM (automated voice messaging). TARGET digital marketing channels allow for a wealth of creative opportunities. The relatively low cost of digital media combined with the ability for detailed tracking on the back end, makes digital marketing a very attractive option.

News Feed
  • The pending Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – which is expected to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls – could inadvertently lead to as many as 35 000 jobs being lost in three years.
  • Brownstones analytical tools are now empowered by Business Optics, which is a cloud-based computational knowledge management system.